Spiralized Zucchini

2014-07-03 20.21.13 Gluten and I have an interesting relationship. It’s similar to that of a neighbor that you used to hang out with all of the time when you first moved in, but now are content to just wave hello to when leaving your house. In the past, I did a gluten-elimination without seeing any noticeable effect on my health. However, I also know that when I eat food that contains flour, even if it is whole wheat, I don’t feel great. Therefore, I try to listen to what my body tells me and basically try to avoid gluten whenever possible.

I was a kid who would not have survived into adulthood if it were not for spaghetti. It was the only thing that I liked eating. I am not making this up. All of my relatives would say, “Barbara eats like a bird.” My love for pasta lasted well into my adult life, until I started to become more aware of the impact that diet has on our health and the large role that white flour plays in the onset and maintenance of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Since I don’t feel well when I eat pasta, I am okay with avoiding it most of the time. However, what I still love is a great, homemade marinara sauce. I like to put shredded carrots in mine to amp up its nutritional value. But, what is one to do with marinara sauce if you don’t want to eat pasta? The answer lies in spiralized zucchini! (This is an especially convenient option if your garden is like mine and prolifically offers lots of zucchini this time of year!)

To make spiralized zucchini, you can use a spiralizer, which is a little gadget that slices the zucchini into long, beautiful strands. Another option is to simply use a vegetable peeler to slice your zucchini into long ribbons. Either way is super-simple and only takes a few minutes.

Some people, particularly those on a raw food diet, eat their spiralized zucchini raw. I personally prefer it sauteed with a little olive oil for a few minutes until it starts to cook through. If you have digestive problems, I would recommend the cooking option, as raw veggies can be harder on your system. Either way, you end up with a nutritious, super-easy base for your favorite pasta sauces, without the gluten and carbs.

Have you tried spiralized zucchini? Did you like it? Do you have a recipe to share? Have you tried other spiralized veggies? Share the health below!


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