IBS Consultation


Let’s get on the phone for an IBS consultation…

Is it time to free yourself up from your IBS? To live your life like a normal person? To be able to make plans and get out of the house without worrying about your stomach?

Your path to the life and health you want starts with a single conversation.

I invite you to schedule a call with me. Here we will have an in-depth conversation regarding your current health challenges and your dreams for a happier, healthier life. You will walk away with a clear plan for getting  you to the place that you want to be.

This consultation with Dr. Barbara turned out to be therapeutic for me. I was asked questions to help me state my physical issues with IBS and then encouraged to think about my own goals and desires. There was a chance for my questions.In the end I felt more understood than ever. Now, there was someone who would partner with me in my healing journey and generously share her knowledge of IBS, low-FODMAP diet and etc. My feeling of being overwhelmed has lessened significantly. Thank-you, Dr. Bolen!”  — Gunnel C.

“Dr. Barbara’s IBS consultation was so beneficial in helping me move forward on my path to feeling better, holistically. She has a great way of getting you to reflect on what you’re doing, what you could be doing, and implementing a plan for what you will do as a next step to move forward. She’s positive, funny, and very easy to talk to! Through my session with her, I have now committed to myself to continue investing in myself through yoga at least twice a week to help me manage my stress. Being able to do this has also helped me to choose healthier foods, as I’m not stress eating as much as I used to and have been able to slow down and listen to what my mind and body need. I’m becoming addicted to yoga again, rather than addicted to mindless eating and other bad habits!! Thank you, Dr. Barbara!!” –Melissa J.

“In my IBS consultation with Dr. Barbara Bolen I had the opportunity to discuss privately what IBS had done to me!! Not just to my gut, but to me as a person!  I’ve had IBS for approximately 7 years; however, it finally caught up with me 6 months ago, and brought my self-esteem and lifestyle crashing down.  It wasn’t just affecting me, it was also affecting the ones I love the most – my family. I’m so glad I made the decision to have this session with Dr. Barbara; it’s exactly what I needed.  She has so much experience and insight, and such a caring, listening ear.  She gave me so many wonderful take-aways to work on that have already proven to be successful in my life.  I feel so much better since then and am happy to be getting my life and family back on track.”  — Denise B.

This call is for you if you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! You don’t want to continue to have your life dictated by how your body (or your belly!) is going to feel. You are looking for someone to show you that YES it can be different (without it being hard!)

In this 45-minute phone call we will fully discuss the health problems you are struggling with, and uncover what has been getting in the way of you having the body that you want. This is not a sales call. Just a holistic consultation to help you figure out new pathways to get your life back.

You absolutely deserve to feel great about your body, to be freely enjoying your life, and to once again eat with pleasure and joy. Pick a time that is convenient for you and let’s get you started!

Your investment for your potentially life-changing IBS consultation is $150. Click here to email me now and let’s get you on my schedule!

Because “just live with it” is not an option.

The information discussed in this consultation is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment rendered by a qualified medical professional. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing and always check with your doctor before making any dietary change or trying any over-the-counter product. The contents of this consultation will be based on information available at the time of its occurence and is subject to change.