What Does Healthy Feel Like?


I have just returned from a short road trip where I spent time with my two young nephews. If only I could bottle up that energy and sell it! However, this middle-aged body did pretty well keeping up with them — a nice reward for all of my healthy-living efforts.

One day we hiked through a peaceful pine forest that led to the mouth of a cold, running stream. This is where things got interesting. Because of some early spring snow, the banks of the stream were icy and muddy, making them very, very slippery. The plan was to hike to the bottom of a waterfall. To get there, we had to make our way upstream. This required fording the icy stream at several locations – leaping from rock to rock – and then holding on for dear life as we crabbed our way along the steep banks of the stream. It made for a great challenge – a bit like rock climbing, but without the terror. I had that Micheal Franti song in my head the whole time, “I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive.”

As I made my way along the banks of the stream, surrounded by the gorgeous snow-covered pine trees, and taking in the lovely gurgling of the stream followed by the roar of the waterfall, I was acutely grateful for the state of my body. I had great energy, thanks to my high intake of plant foods. I was able to squat to scrabble alongside the banks, and stretch my legs to jump from stone to stone, thanks to my yoga practice. My stomach was quiet thanks to my clean way of eating, so no need to have immediate access to a bathroom. This is what health feels like to me.

What does health feel like to you? Where does your body let you down? What does your health prevent you from doing? What does your body need in order to get to a state where it doesn’t interfere with your life? If you are struggling with finding your way toward wellness, please, please contact me and let’s see what can be done to allow you to live a full, vibrant life.