Rice Cooker: A Health Nut’s Best Friend

2014-02-05 17.35.27

Do you know what a rice cooker is? It’s like a slow cooker for rice – in other words – it does the cooking for you!!! Once you have one, you will wonder how you ever survived without one. You can significantly up your nutrition game with this simple appliance as it takes away all of the difficulty of cooking whole grains.

As a creature of habit, I make out my grocery list once a week by coming up with menus for each night’s dinner. Brown rice as a side dish required scheduling – I could only cook it on a day when I knew that I could hang around the kitchen. As I like to walk the dog in the late afternoon after work, this was a big problem. I can’t say how many times the rice would come out a little funky because I had to turn off the flame when a child needed to be picked up somewhere.

Now that I have treated myself to a rice cooker, brown rice is a no-brainer. I just measure, rinse, add water, set the timer, and I am a free woman! And, rice actually tastes like it does when you get it from the Chinese restaurant – light and fluffy as opposed to the mushy stuff I usually ended up with no matter what I tried.

With a rice cooker, you will feel like you have your own servant. One night recently, I made a chicken recipe in the slow cooker and had the rice cooker cooking the brown rice. Dinner was truly cooking itself!

The rice cooker cooks more than just rice. The other morning I realized that someone had eaten the last of the leftover brown rice I had been planning on taking for my lunch. I quick popped some quinoa in the rice cooker before my shower. By the time I was ready to leave for work, I not only had quinoa for my lunch, but now I had leftover quinoa for breakfast for the rest of the week! The rice cooker has also played a big role in my new-found love of amaranth porridge – I no longer have to stand and stir until the porridge is cooked through.

So, I highly recommend that you add a rice cooker to that birthday list that already has an immersion blender on it. The right tools go a long way toward helping you to be a happy health nut!

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