Media Appearances

BARBARA WEBSITE FINALDr. Barbara Bolen is a lively, knowledgeable speaker. She has been interviewed on the following media outlets:

Journey Into the Low-FODMAP Diet – host: Larah Brook

Dr. Barbara Bolen: Recommendations for IBS Sufferers

Air date: July 27, 2016

The Autoimmune Hour – Life Interrupted Radio – host: Sharon Saylor

IBS and other “dirty things” we don’t talk about…

Air date: January 29, 2016

Fuel Yourself Fabulous TV – host: Sabrina Khan

The Number 1 Way To Get Over An IBS Attack!!

Air date: July 9, 2015

Dr. Radio – SiriusXM – host: Dr. Ira Breite

IBS, Diet and Mental Health

Air date: June 16, 2014