The Everything® Guide to the Low-FODMAP Diet

The cookbook! “The Everything® Guide To The Low-FODMAP Diet: A Healthy Plan for Managing IBS and Other Digestive Disorders” will help you to use the low-FODMAP diet successfully to reduce your digestive symptoms. You will find tons of delicious, healthy recipes, all containing gluten-free, low-FODMAP ingredients. Each recipe is made with a wide variety of FODMAP-friendly whole foods so that you can enjoy optimal health alongside your new-found digestive health.


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7 thoughts on “The Everything® Guide to the Low-FODMAP Diet

  1. Carol Butterfield

    Dear Dr. Bolen;
    Your articles are very clear and informative.
    I appreciate the advice you offer. I am a resident of Arizona, and live about 50 miles from Phoenix metro. I have been able to locate only two dietitians who are familiar with the FODMAP diet.
    I have severe lactose intolerance, an intolerance for all sugar substitutes and have been (tentatively) diagnosed with IBS. I get very frustrated by the grocery outlets because so much of what I could eat is not available. (E.g., lactose free cheese. yogurt and sour cream will be stocked for a short time, then never re-ordered.) Store managers who used to offer to “special order” anything the “chain” carried will no longer offer such services. Still, recipes and menus for Low FODMAP meals list those items. Please tell us where to find them!

    My second question is also about menus published in one of your articles. Each menu calls for one serving from one of the recipes published under Kathleen Bradley’s name. Is this the total amount of food to be included at that specific meal? Menus published elsewhere usually include more than one dish to combine for a meal. I understand that there is more information in your book and in your e-class, but it would certainly be reassuring if these menus listed other food to fill out a meal.
    Thanks for any further advice.

  2. drbarbarabolen Post author

    HI Carol, thank you for your nice words about my work. I am sorry to read that you are having a hard time finding the foods that you need. Are there any specialty markets nearby? Or health food stores? A last resort is to look to see what offers. As for menu idea planning – you can feel free to combine any low-FODMAP recipes into any one meal.

  3. Carol Butterfield

    Dr. Bolen,
    I did appreciate your reply.
    As I stated before, I live about 50 miles from Phoenix, which means that the nearest specialty/health food store is also a 50-mile drive. With an IBS flare-up, that is a really difficult trip, so I may be forced to do much of my shopping online.
    Before I start buying specialty foods–especially from Amazon or other online suppliers I need to know which foods contain which sugars.
    I have been able to find quite a few listings of LOW FODMAP foods, including yours, but, I have found only one fairly short list of foods organized according to their individual FODMAP content. In the 12/2012 article, from Practical Gastroenterology, the Monash researchers listed 28 low and 29 high FODMAP foods, in a table which sorted them according to the specific sugar they contained. (Even here one of the sugars—fructans—appears to be missing. If I try the elimination dirt and use the challenges to determine which of the sugars is/are causing my problem, how can I get an up-to-date list of which particular foods contain those particular sugars so I can avoid them? Does one of your books offer that information? thanks for any help you can offer.

    1. drbarbarabolen Post author

      That is a good question? Are you not able to order it through Do you have access to Barnes & Noble?

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