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Proving that the Universe often has different ideas for us than we have for ourselves, I have found myself on a path that has taken me beyond being a small-town psychologist to becoming an internationally known IBS expert. I have made it my mission to show people who have IBS how to take care of themselves so their life is no longer ruled by their bellies and instead gives them the freedom to enjoy a normal, but vibrant life. Through my health coaching, books, and online articles, I try to fit in where doctors fall short.

Is IBS turning your life upside down?

My coaching training, my nutrition education, my work as a digestive health writer, and my background as a psychologist all combine into a unique set of skills that I bring to the table to help you to transform your health and your life. And I do this all in a way that is fun and fits easily into your life.

Take a look at the many ways in which I can help you and then let me know which one is the best fit for you…

Because “just live with it” is no longer an option…

IBS Relief Online Course





In this online course, I let you in on the secrets that I share with all of my private VIP clients. Secret easy-peasy strategies that you can integrate into your life immediately that will give you BIG results in terms of helping you to get your life back on track – so that it is no longer ruled by your belly! Click here to learn more…

Heal Your Belly Boot Camp





For people who have tried everything, but nothing seems to work, I offer this amazing, transformative eight week group coaching program. You will walk away with a road map for taking things beyond “controlling symptoms” to actually healing the underlying problem. Click here to learn more…

VIP Transformational Program





For people who are highly motivated to turn their IBS around once and for all, I offer an individual coaching program that is tailored exclusively to your unique needs. This is an elite program as I just support a select few people at a time. With this program, you will walk away with the ability to live your life freely, full confidence as to what to eat to keep your symptoms at bay, and that amazing feeling that you are once again in control of your life. And we will do all of this in a way that is fun and easy and fits in with the rest of your life. Click here to learn more…

Not sure where to start?

Let’s get on the phone together. Sign up for a Feel Better Session with me so that you can get clear on what it is you want for your health (and your life!) and find out exactly what the right steps are to get you started on your journey toward freedom from IBS. Click below and pick a time!



My Books



I have written several books – each offering different perspectives for freeing you up from your IBS symptoms. Click here to learn more…


IBS at Verywell.com

General BadgeI have served as the IBS Expert for the website About.com/Verywell.com from 2007 to 2017. On this site you will find numerous articles written by me that cover the full spectrum of IBS, including diagnosis, treatment, diet, and tips for living with the disorder. Visit IBS at Verywell.com…