VIP Transformation Program


 You have one life…

You know, deep down, that you were not meant to live this way. You are tired of feeling lousy, you are tired of having your IBS calling the shots, you want to get rid of the pain, the bloating, and the bathroom nightmares once and for all.

You are ready to go back to enjoying your life – free to make plans, have fun with other people, and eat with pleasure and gusto – without paying for it later!

You are ready to be done with trying this medication or that remedy only to be frustrated all over again when your stomach issues continue to disrupt your life.

You are ready to take a big leap – to invest in yourself in a way that you have never done before because you know deep down that you deserve a better life than the one you are living right now.

“But I have tried everything!”

If you are like most of my clients, you have been dealing with your stomach problems for a long, long time. You have been to doctor after doctor. You have tried a whole bunch of medications and supplements. You have tried avoiding this food or that food. And your stomach still rules your life.

I am Dr. Barbara Bolen, a psychologist turned health coach, who works with highly motivated people who are ready to put their digestion right back where it should be! And where is that? Humming quietly along in the background of your life, not up front and center mucking everything up.

My clients have all been right where you are now…

*Wanting things to be different, but not knowing how to make it so.

*Completely lost as to what foods to eat.

*Dissatisfied with the help and answers they get from their doctors.

I invite you…

Just imagine what can happen when you choose to spend the next 90 days of your life prioritizing your health and well-being, working side-by-side with your very own digestive health expert and coach…

So that three months from now, your life will be completely different than it is right now. You will find yourself loving life, you will be enjoying the rewards of a healthy body, and all of this will come about in a way that feels completely natural. So that you are enjoying all of these wonderful changes without even feeling like you are working at it at all. Quiet digestion and freedom!!!

You will walk away with:

  • The confidence to make plans, have fun, eat in restaurants and get to appointments without worrying about your IBS or what time of day it is or where the nearest bathroom might be found.
  • Full knowledge of what delicious, nutritious foods are right for your unique body so that you can fall in love with eating again.
  • A profound feeling that you are once again in control of your life.

My 90 Day VIP Transformation Program

I only work with a select number of highly motivated clients at a time – my individual clients are people who are determined to feel well enough to fully enjoy this one life that they have been given. Here is what’s included:

When you work with me in my individualized VIP program, we will quickly determine what foods are right for your unique body, we’ll clear out the things that are contributing to your belly problems , and you will learn how to take care of yourself in a way that is easy and fits in with all the things you have going on in the rest of your life. And I guarantee that it will be fun!

Having completed my 90 day coaching session with Barbara. I am doing really well. I have only occasional IBS-D incidents now compared to 6-9 episodes daily. What a difference it has made in my life! Thanks, Barbara! One of the things that resonated with me was Barbara’s 90/10 rule where 90% of the time I can eat the way I know what works best for me and 10% of the time I can eat the things I love but don’t love my digestive system back! I am probably more like 95/05 on the rule because the better and longer I feel, the less I crave the things that I know will put me over the edge! When I started working with Barbara I told her it for me to be successful I couldn’t be 100% on a “I can never eat x, y or z again”. I knew that mentality would set me up for failure. And she assured me that I didn’t have to be like that – that the 90/10 rule was a reasonable approach. Probably the biggest “ah ha moment” for my success!” — Jane G.

“Working with Barbara I was so relieved to learn that self-care can not only be just a part of my life, but can also be fun. Before getting coached by Barbara, I thought that taking care of myself would be too much of a commitment, that there was no way that I could fit it in with the rest of my life. I loved that Barbara gave me all the tools and tips to lead a more healthy productive life, but that I could implement them according to my schedule and my habits.  My expectations about committing to working with Barbara were exceeded when I was able to give up the old way of thinking, from the past, and move forward with the new ideas I learned.” –- Randy L.

“I read Barbara’s book “Breaking the Bonds of Irritable Bowel Syndrome” and found it very useful in helping me with this invisible disability.  However, working with her on a one on one basis took me to a whole new level in dealing with my IBS.  I am more comfortable every day with my body and mind.  There is no cure for this ailment, but, this is the best I’ve have felt in the last 30 years of living with IBS and it is a direct result of working with Barbara.” –- Eric O.

My 28 Day VIP Jump Start Program

Some people do not need the entire 90 day program to achieve their goals. Sometimes all that is needed is a little tweak, a little direction, a new way of looking at things and taking care of yourself. In my Jump Start program, you get all of the individualized attention of the 90 Transformation program, all over the course of one month – with four 45-minute private coaching sessions.

“Working with Barbara, I was proud that I was able to accomplish my goals in a short time frame. My goals were to have successful, comfortable bowel movements once a day and to be free of embarrassing gas so that I could feel comfortable at work and when I am dating new women. Barbara’s coaching was very informative as I learned about the mental and physical aspects of bowel movements. I achieved all of my goals and I think it was because my problem was partially subconscious. Awareness really helps. What was most helpful to me was learning about stool formation, high energy foods and how eating habits can make such a big difference as to how I feel.” George B.

You deserve this…

Which program is right for you? It all starts with a simple 30 minute conversation. Just click below to get on my schedule and let’s get you started!



Because “just live with it” is not an option.