Coaching versus Therapy: Which Is Better?



I am not really an education junkie…

Okay, maybe I am a little bit of an education junkie, but my main motivation for learning, learning, learning is always to better serve my clients.

I am proud to announce that I have just received certification as a Mastery Coach in the Transformational Coaching Method through the Health Coach Institute. This means that I now have advanced skills for helping my clients to achieve the enduring mindset and habit changes that allow them to quickly achieve their health goals – quiet bellies and the energy and freedom to do the things they love doing, which of course leads to happier, more satisfying lives.

As a former psychologist, I am in the unique position of being able to compare the benefits of therapy and coaching. And for me, right now, I believe that coaching is the better way to go.

Therapy is still a very valuable pursuit – particularly if you are struggling with deep depression, really debilitating anxiety, or un-processed trauma.

But if your issues are more around health, stress, dissatisfaction with the way your life is going, coaching is the better choice. If you ever find yourself saying, “this can’t be the life I was meant to have,” then coaching is the better choice.

Why have I become such a big fan of coaching?

  • Results are faster!!!!
  • Change is coming from within and so the effects are much more likely to endure
  • The focus is shifted away from the negatives of the past
  • The focus is instead on creating the future that YOU want
  • Self-care becomes easy and natural
  • Self-esteem rises naturally as goals are reached
  • Self-esteem rises naturally as you become aware of your unique gifts
  • Health improves without a lot of fuss as self-care is prioritized
  • Weight loss happens naturally as self-care is prioritized
  • And did I say, results are faster!!!!

As I have shifted my professional life away from doing psychotherapy to health coaching, I see all of the above every day. And, because I had to be coached as part of my training, I have also personally experienced all of the above. Life is now filled with such wonderful possibility!

I have heard it said, “Therapy takes you from bad to good, coaching takes you from good to great.” Just think – no athlete achieves success without a great coach. But in life – our biggest endeavor ever – we all too often try to go it alone. In this insane food culture that we live in, that approach can literally shorten your life – or keep your bowels in an uproar…

Change all starts with one potentially life-saving conversation. Click here to learn more about what my new coaching skills can do for you.

In love and gratitude,