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Immersion Blender: Why You Need One

2013-12-24 13.46.26When is your next birthday? I have just the thing for the top of your list – an immersion blender!  Mine has become my new favorite kitchen toy.  I actually have had mine for a while, using it every now and then when a soup recipe called for a partial puree.  However, I have just learned of a new trick which has me in totally in love with this little device.

I got the trick from reading “Clean Food” by Terry Walters (a cookbook that I highly recommend!)  What she taught me is that you can use an immersion blender to do the chopping for you when whisking salad dressing!  This allows you to make fresh salad dressing, filled only with wholesome ingredients that you choose, within a matter of minutes.  You will never need to buy bottled salad dressing, filled with mystery ingredients, again.

I kid you not – I can make the following dressing in eight minutes – tops:

For those of you with digestive issues, this little trick may allow you to start enjoying salads again.  The immersion blender completely emulsifies things like garlic and shallots.  Although these tend not to be so IBS-friendly, you may find that if the blender liquifies them, they may be easier for your digestive system.

My immersion blender came in a set with a handy chopper (Cuisinart CSB-79 Smart Stick), but you can also buy it as a stand-alone (Cuisinart CSB-75 Smart Stick).

Little kids are not the only ones who like to play with toys.  Be a happy health nut and have fun in the kitchen!

For more salad dressing recipes, follow my little tip here:

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