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What Doritos Have to Do with Your Health

dorito effect

I just love reading books about the relationship between nutrition and health! How about you?

My latest read, The Dorito Effect by Mark Schatzker, offers a fascinating look at how the development of so-called “natural flavors” have contributed to our current health crisis of rising rates of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

It turns out that Doritos are the first food that don’t taste like what they actually are. Prior to Doritos, corn chips tasted like corn chips and potato chips tasted like potato chips. Doritos are corn chips that taste like tacos! And buffalo chicken, and ranch dressing, etc., etc., etc. The use of “natural flavors” has expanded exponentially, so that you are consuming them when you eat almost anything.

What does this have to do with health? According to Schatzker, over the last century food producers have been breeding for yield, not flavor. Bite into any supermarket sold tomato and this fact will instantly be confirmed. However, this also apparently extends to livestock – for example, chicken today is bland and tasteless when compared to how chickens tasted at the turn of last century.

Schatzker provides a very convincing argument that science has established that nutrition and flavor go hand in hand. The more nutrients, the better the flavor. The less flavor, the less nutrients. He also explains that we have inner sensors that “turn off” hunger and provide a sense of satiation when we have taken in enough nutrients. When we eat foods like Doritos, in which the flavor comes from “natural flavorings”, and not from actual nutrients, our bodies will keep on eating as they are awaiting nutrients. This explains why we can eat an entire bag of Doritos, but have no interest in bingeing out on broccoli.

Your takeaway? Here is another reason to eat whole foods. Foods that contain the nutrients that are bodies need for ideal, healthy functioning. When you do this, you will be working with your body’s natural shut-off valve, thereby reducing cravings that lead to over-eating.

Do you find this topic as fascinating as I do? Then order Schatzker’s book!



Be Grateful and Write It Down!


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There is something about the human mind that draws it to a focus on the negative. It probably has some evolutionary advantage in terms of being attentive to threats in our environment. But what is good for us as a species is not necessarily good for our own individual happiness. Most of us live with many blessings, but our negative obsessions tend to obscure the positive.

A great way to overcome this negative slant is through the use of a “Gratitude Journal.” As my friend Elizabeth Scott writes in her book “8 Keys to Stress Management” (a book I highly recommend), gratitude journals not only boost your sense of happiness, but can alleviate symptoms of depression. And it is remarkably simple!

Even if you hate journaling, or keep telling yourself that you should start, I highly recommend that you spend a couple of moments each day writing down three to five things that you are grateful for. Some people like to do it in the morning when anxious obsessions are at their loudest. For me, I like to do it right before bed. As I recollect the events of my day looking for the things that I am most grateful for, it helps me to focus on and appreciate the many wonderful aspects of my varied life. This has proven itself to be very effective in quieting the voice that seems insistent on solving whatever it feels is the day’s most pressing problem.

A deeper sense of fulfillment in life and brain quiet is something that we all could use. So be grateful and be sure to write it down.

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