Become a Happy Health Nut

DSC_0139I know that the term “health nut” is not always seen in a positive way. Some people think that it means that you only eat twigs. Or you are one of those “difficult” people who is just so picky – you won’t eat gluten/dairy/nuts/animal protein – you get the picture.

To me, a happy health nut is someone who makes their health a priority, but does it in a way that it is fun! If it’s not fun, you won’t stick with it. It doesn’t mean “going on a diet” or dragging yourself out the door to do some dreaded exercise. It means living in a way that honors your body and this beautiful planet we find ourselves living on. It means a return to childhood, when it was fun to play with your food and you couldn’t wait to put your sneakers on and go outside to play.

I once heard Deepak Chopra, a wise man, discuss how it is your birthright to be healthy and happy. My sister, a wise woman, once made a similar point as she encouraged me to think about what we think when we see a new baby. We want that baby to be happy and healthy. You are still that beautiful baby that came into this world. It is time to take care of your soul, psyche, and body as if it really is the precious miracle that it is.

My intention for 2014 is to inspire all of you to become happy health nuts. To achieve your birthright. To feel fabulous. To not be plagued with digestive problems, headaches, missing energy, and the other health challenges of the modern age.

But let’s make it fun! I will introduce a new food each month for you to experiment with. I will encourage you to stay in touch with the beautiful energy that is your soul and to keep it in touch with this beautiful universe that surrounds us. To figure out a way to “go out and play.” I promise you will not be seen as a “difficult person who eats twigs”, but rather a vibrant person who becomes an inspiration for those around you.

Like what you read? Maybe it is time for you to take a step toward creating vibrant health for yourself. I will work side by side with you to achieve your health goals, whether that be having a trouble-free digestive system, reducing pain, losing weight, having more energy or getting better sleep. Get started today! Click here to sign up for your health breakthrough session.

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