Why I Coach

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Sometimes the Universe puts us on a path that we never saw coming. I was a small-town psychologist helping people with depression, anxiety, and family problems. Becoming an internationally known IBS expert was not even on my radar.

But something bigger than me had a plan for me…

In my psychotherapy practice, clients kept showing up and telling me that they had something called IBS. What was this? I had never heard about it before – it was certainly never mentioned in any of my grad school classes.

What got me was that each of these folks – whose lives were COMPLETELY disrupted by their IBS – had nowhere to turn for help. Their doctors told them it was psychological (thank God those days are pretty much behind us!), while mental health professionals like me had never heard of it.

I guess I am a sucker for the underdog, but I went on a quest to see how I could be of service. And that quest led me to writing one book, then another, then getting the job with About/Verywell.com, and two more books! I was even part of the writing team for a documentary narrated by Leonard Nimoy – about as far away from being a small-town psychologist as you can get.

This quest – this passion – has allowed me to touch the lives of people all around the world – a thing that still makes me shake my head in wonderment.

There is always more to learn…

My desire to fully support people who have IBS took me way beyond the therapy couch. I knew, deep down in my heart, that food was a part of the problem. This led me to get integrative nutrition and mastery level coaching training, so that I now have all of the important tools in my tool kit for fully supporting people on their journey to transform their lives and become free from IBS.

Let me help you…

It is my firm belief that everyone wants to be healthy – they just don’t know how. Let me show you. Let’s get on the phone and talk about your health challenges and let me show you exactly what you need to do to get your life back. Click below to get on my calendar so we can get you started right away on your journey toward freedom from IBS.
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