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As a health coach it is my mission in life to help people who are struggling with belly issues to get to a place where they are not dealing with stomach pain, bloating and bathroom worries. A place where they are eating foods that nourish their bellies and their whole bodies. A place where they can live freely, make plans with confidence, and eat with pleasure.

In addition to my nutrition training, my background as a psychologist and my work as a digestive health writer provide me with a unique set of skills for helping people to make lifelong changes for better digestive and overall health. Changes that are fun, easy and, most importantly, sustainable.

Can I be of help to you? 

Here are some of the ways that my knowledge and experience can help you find your way to the happy belly, and the life, you deserve.


Happy Belly Strategy Session

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Are you looking for individual support to figure out how to achieve a life without chronic stomach problems and bloating? Would you like to talk to Dr. Bolen about your digestive problems? Would you like to regain your ability to live without worry and eat with confidence? Click here to learn more about what to expect from your strategy session and to set up up a time to talk directly with Dr. Bolen about your biggest health challenges and your deepest dreams for your health and well-being.

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Has your doctor recommended that you follow a low-FODMAP diet? Would you like some guidance as to how to follow the diet recommendations in the real world? Than this just might be the right program for you. Click here to learn more…

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