Happy Belly, Happy Life!

Hello and welcome!

I am a psychologist turned health coach and IBS expert. It has become my mission in life to show others that health transformation is not only possible, but can be easy and fun…

If you are tired of dealing with an unhappy belly, feel fatigued way too often, and just can’t shake that extra weight no matter what you try, this is the place for you. I will work with you to get you to a place where you are not dealing with stomach pain, bloating and bathroom worries. A place where you are eating foods that nourish your bellies and your whole body. A place where you can live freely, make plans with confidence, and eat with pleasure.

Can I be of help to you? 

My nutrition training, my background as a psychologist, and my work as a digestive health writer, all combine into a unique set of skills for helping you to make changes so you can transform both your digestive and your overall health. And we make these changes easy so that every day becomes a day of vibrant health.

Are you curious as to how healthy you can be? Are you ready to stop feeling lousy and to get started on your path to a happy belly and a happy life?

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