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Hello and welcome!

I am a psychologist turned transformational health coach and IBS expert. It has become my mission in life to show others that health transformation is not only possible, but can be easy and fun!

Is IBS ruling your life? Do you hate the fact that you always have to be worried about what your stomach is up to? Then you have come to the right place! A place where you will be shown exactly how to get your life back. 

How can I best support you on your journey toward freedom from IBS? 

My coaching training, my nutrition education, my work as a digestive health writer, and my background as a psychologist all combine into a unique set of skills that I bring to the table to help you to transform your health and your life. And I do this all in a way that is fun and fits easily into your life.

Are you curious as to how healthy you can be? Are you ready to enjoy a free and happy life? 

Here on my website you will find information about all of the ways that I work with people on to help them to get their lives back. You will find some free resources, gain information about my coaching programs and books, and learn why it became my passion to free people up from their IBS. And then I invite you to click here to find out how we can get on the phone together and map out a plan for your freedom from IBS journey.

Because “just live with it” is not an option.