Happy Belly, Happy Life!


Hello and welcome!

As a health coach it is my mission in life to help people who are struggling with belly issues. This means that I will work with you to get you to a place where you are not dealing with stomach pain, bloating and bathroom worries. A place where you are eating foods that nourish your bellies and your whole body. A place where you can live freely, make plans with confidence, and eat with pleasure.



Can I be of help to you? 

My nutrition training, along with my background as a psychologist and my work as a digestive health writer, provide me with a unique set of skills for helping you to make lifelong changes so you can enjoy better digestive and overall health. Changes that are fun, easy and, most importantly, sustainable.

Interested in learning what options I have available for helping you to find your way to a happy belly and a happy life?

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