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I am a psychologist turned transformational health coach and IBS expert. It has become my mission in life to show others that health transformation is not only possible, but can be easy and fun!

Does your belly give you trouble? Are you tired of losing weight just to have it come back again? Do you feel fatigued way too often?  Then you have come to the right place! A place where you are eating foods that nourish your bellies and your whole body. A place where you can lose that weight comfortably and most important, learn how to keep it off for good! A place where you have full confidence that the way that you are eating and living is going to allow you to experience optimal and vibrant health now and as you get older.

Can I be of help to you? 

My nutrition training, my background as a psychologist, and my work as a digestive health writer, all combine into a unique set of skills for helping you to make changes so you can transform both the way that your body looks and feels. And we make these changes fun and easy so that every day becomes a day of vibrant health.





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